Instructional Girls Gymnastics


 Our girls instructional gymnastics program creates a fun atmosphere for girls 6 and older to learn the sport of gymnastics!  We offer 5 different levels of classes to ensure your daughter will be in a class that both encourages her and challenges her to grow!  Everyone will start in our Beginner Level and will be evaluated by our coaches.  Once an athlete shows skill mastery for her current level, the coach will talk with both the athlete and parent about moving up to the next level.

We will have 3 “Meets” per year that each athlete in our instructional program will have the opportunity to participate in!  This is only optional and never mandatory.  These meets are based on FUN and the girls getting to show off their hard work!  T-shirts, Ribbons, Medals, and sometimes trophies are presented to each participant.  Our meets are typically in January, May, and August every year!


Beginner: 60 minutes


This our beginner level for girls ages 6 and older.  This class is for girls doing gymnastics for the first time. Girls will learn the basics of gymnastics on all 4 events and trampoline.  Skills include rolls, jumps, loco-motor skills on floor, swinging and supports on bars, and balancing, walking, and turning on balance beam.  When students start to get the hang of all the basic skills, they will be moved up to the Intermediate level.


Intermediate: 60 minutes


Intermediate is where we start to refine the basic gymnastics skills and begin to put skills together into routines.  Intermediate is the first level where students will be learning routines on each event and will have the option to compete in our fun, in-house meets!  The girls will learn rolls, cartwheels, the beginnings of headstands and handstands, different mounts, dismounts, and skills on bars, the beginnings of inversion on balance beam, as well as vaulting skills!



Advanced Level 1: 90 minutes


This class will continue to build on good basic gymnastics skills and start learning more advanced skills.  The class will focus on developing control while inverted as well as strong, powerful cartwheels and other tumbling skills.  On the bars, girls will learn control in casting and skills such as pull overs and back hip circles.  On the balance beam, they will start learning basic tumbling on the beam as well as more complex holds and balances.  Girls in Level 1 classes will work on routines and have the option to compete in our in-house competitions!



Advanced Level 2: 90 Minutes


Girls will start learning more advanced tumbling on floor, as well as balance beam.  Bars will add more circling elements.  Level 2 classes work on routines and the girls are encouraged to try an in-house meet! Girls in this level will hopefully progress to our homeschool team or a Level 3 class.



Advanced Level 3: 90 Minutes


This is the most advanced level in our recreational program.  The primary focus of the class is tumbling, but also includes advanced skills on bars and beam. This class is offered for more advanced gymnasts who prefer not to be on one of our competitive teams.