Bolster your daughter’s confidence in a gym that embraces a positive and fun environment for developing minds. We have girls gymnastics classes for beginner up to Level 3 in our instructional program. The program also features three optional meets every year where athletes can have fun and show off what they’ve learned in front of friends and family. Below is a description on what each level has to offer. Come on out and see why so many love girls gymnastics here at Xtreme! View our class schedule below and register for a FREE TRIAL today! If you have any questions, please call our member services staff at 816-347-8008


The perfect class for girls 6 and older who are experiencing gymnastics for the first time! The beginner class focuses on teaching the important basic skills of gymnastics. Athletes will work on body positions, gross motor coordination, balancing, floor skills, and more. Some skills include walking on beam, cartwheels, skin-the-cat, and straight jumps. In this level they also learn important life skills such as listening, taking turns, patience, and cooperation.


Students will improve on skills they learned in the Beginner class with an expanded focus on their mounts, dismounts, refine motor control, event routines and more! Athletes at this level begin moving at a faster pace and also have a chance to participate in Xtreme in house meets if they choose! Some skills learned in this level are proper cartwheel form, hollow body, tuck jump beam dismounts, and assisted kick-over on bars.

Level 1

This class will start learning more advanced skills and will continue to improve and perfect basic skills like handstands and bridges. It will focus on developing more strength, control and progressive tumbling skills such as round-offs. On the bars, girls will learn pullovers, back hip circles and controlling large casts. On the balance beam, they will start learning more complex holds, as well as kneeling cartwheel dismounts. Girls in Level 1 classes will work on routines and have the option to compete in our in-house competitions!

Level 2

In this level, girls will start working on dance and tumbling skills on the floor, as well as on the balance beam. This includes back walkovers and 1/4 snap-turns on the floor, and handstands and standing cartwheel dismounts on the beam. Bars will add more circling elements, such as basket swings, along with glide-swings and low-high bar transitions. Level 2 classes will work on routines and are encouraged to participate in our in-house meets. Girls in this class will progress to a Level 3 Class or potentially join our XCEL Bronze Team!

Level 3

This is the most advanced level in our instructional program. Girls will be working on the same skills as our competitive Level 3/XCEL Silver athletes! This includes front and back handsprings, all types of handstands and a variety of leaps, jumps and turns. They will begin to learn to execute a front handspring and half-on over the vault table. On bars, they will start working on kips, jumping to high bar and tap swings. They will also start learning cartwheels and walkovers, full turns and aerial dismounts on the balance beam! The girls are still encouraged to participate in our in-house meets and with hope, will move up and join our XCEL Silver or Gold Team!


Xtreme Gymnastics is committed to providing a facility where athletes dream, think, believe and achieve their goals.