Our co-ed toddler and preschool gymnastics classes are perfect for kids age 5 and under who love to get moving throughout the day! Our homeschool program offers daytime gymnastics classes to conveniently fit your unique schedule. From parent-toddler gymnastics to advanced preschool classes, our lessons will introduce your child to basic gymnastics skills like rolls and cartwheels, as well as encourage brain development and growth through movement. 

Our Lily Pad is a one-of-a-kind, 5,400 square foot gym space that is the largest in the area and solely dedicated to helping your toddler grow. Our talented staff uses creative monthly themed lessons to help your child grow socially, cognitively, and physically. Check out our calendar of events to find our homeschool preschool gymnastics schedule and sign up for a FREE trial!

Toddler gymnastics classes


In the first years of their life, your child is rapidly learning and growing. According to USA Gymnastics, children develop fundamental movement skills between the ages of 2 and 5, making parent-toddler gymnastics classes especially beneficial to your child’s development.

At Xtreme Gymnastics, we’re committed to providing a healthy, balanced experience for you and your child! Our Parent & Tot classes are specially-designed for children aged 18-36 months. They reinforce parent and child bonds while focusing on building physical strength and balance. Your child will get to move by crawling through tunnels, walking across low balance beams, and more!

Toddler Gymnastics Skills Include: 

  • Physical skills: basic motor skills, balance, running, jumping, rolling, throwing, kicking, bouncing, and more
  • Social skills: sharing, working as a team, following simple instructions, etc.
  • Cognitive skills: creativity, spacial awareness, brain-body connection, etc.


New homeschool students in our preschool gymnastics program will begin with the gymnastics basics, such as rolls, handstands, and cartwheels. This gymnastics class will teach children the basics of beam, vault, floor, and bars, as well as teaching them important life skills such as taking turns, impulse control and working as part of a group. Our lesson will focus on developing a strong gymnastics foundation, and once students have started growing in their skills, they can be moved to the Advanced Mega Tots class. Classes are held in a one of a kind preschool gymnastics dedicated space with 5,400 square feet just for our littlest athletes.

Beginner and Intermediate Preschool Gymnastics Skills Include:

  • Gymnastics foundations: rolls, handstands, cartwheels, and more
  • Life skills: taking turns, impulse control, listening, memory, working as a part of a group
  • Vault, floor, beam, and bars basics
beginner and intermediate gymnastics class
advanced preschool gymnastics student giving gymnastics teacher a high five


After graduating from the Mega Tots class, students will continue to build on the gymnastics foundational skills. The Advanced Mega Tots class continues the improvement that our athletes made in the Mega Tots class. Advanced Mega Tots build on students’ mastery of basic skills, strength, and proper technique. Once your child has turned 6 years of age, they may graduate to our Trampoline classes, Girls Gymnastics classes, or join our competitive pre-team as a Rising Star or Super Stars. Athletes will also have the opportunity to learn simple routines and “compete” in the in-house meets!

Advanced Preschool Gymnastics Skills Include: 

  • Mastery of basic skills with physical strength and proper technique
  • Active listening and critical thinking 

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All of our pre-k gymnastic teachers are specifically trained to teach children 5 and under gymnastics fundamentals in a way that’s fun, age-appropriate, and—most importantly—safe. With a deep understanding of the developmental stages, your child is going through physically, mentally, and socially, you can trust that our lessons will both challenge and inspire your young athlete! 

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