Athlete Safety/SafeSport

Athlete safety is paramount at Xtreme Gymnastics. Our athletes should never feel they are in a culture of abuse. They should never feel anything but safe and protected. Communication is encouraged, and we want the gymnasts and parents to know they have an ability to discuss anything.

Great environments begin with making sure we have the right people in place. We do our best to hire people that have a history of doing the right thing.

Parents need to be active in making sure their children are educated in proper contact. There are varying ages and maturity level, but all families need to make sure their children are aware of what is right and wrong. They also need to know that if anything is wrong, to speak up.

For the sake of transparency, viewing practice is always allowed. We will never ban you from watching. In addition, we have the gym under full video surveillance 24/7, as much as allowed by law.

SafeSport has updated their policies which are automatically adopted by our program. Feel free to read through them here.

SafeSport Policies and Procedures: