Learning Valuable Skills Through Competition

Our homeschool competitive teams are designed to offer a broad-based, affordable competitive experience outside the traditional Jr. Olympic Program to attract and retain a diverse group of athletes. Our teams offer students a safe place to compete in meets and develop confidence, the ability to receive constructive criticism, and evolve their teamwork skills. Our team athletes will participate in 3 to 6 competitions every year and will have a leotard and warm-ups as part of the team. To learn more about costs and joining the team, call (816) 600-0195 today!

We have three different competitive teams, including a trampoline team:

Level 2

Our Level 2 team is the foundation to our community of competitive athletes looking to be challenged and stretched alongside other gymnasts in the KC League. Athletes in this level will train 3 hours per week with the option to compete in 3-6 local KC League meets. We encourage many girls to continue growing in their abilities by joining the Level 3 team when they are ready.

Level 3

Our Level 3 team is the highest level for our homeschool program and is set to engage the athletes drive and to excel at the sport by continuing improvement on their skills and push with safe boundaries to reach for more challenging skills. After completing the competition season at this level, many students choose to move forward to Xtreme’s XCEL Team or JO Team.

Trampoline Team

Our Trampoline team demonstrates skills in ten different trampoline routines that include moves performed at local competitions all the way up to Nationals. Our trampoline team is designed to help students with strength and conditioning and help them grow into healthy, confident athletes.

Are you interested in learning more about our homeschool competitive teams? Call (816) 600-0195 today to schedule an evaluation with our elite coaches today!