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Our Core Values

Continuous Improvement

We make an ongoing effort to improve our personal development, programs, best practices, and processes for our customers’ satisfaction. We practice diligence and consistency to maintain an unwavering commitment to be and do better every day.

Collaborative Teamwork

Every person has a unique shape that is a piece of the big picture. We respect and recognize that every student has a different experiences and contributes equally to our unique community. We focus on teaching our students the value in compromise, conflict, trust, risk, and problem solving in a positive and safe environment.

Customer Commitment

Your satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. We focus on exceeding your expectations with the little things that will make your experience with us memorable. Our efforts as a whole will reflect our consistency, expectations, and excitement for the value we have in each student, parent and staff member. We take pride in our ability to provide you with an experience that will make you say, “Wow!”

Healthy, Balanced Living

We believe that our character is the sum of our habits. Xtreme Gymnastics is dedicated to helping our athletes create successful daily habits that will lend to well rounded lives. We are not just building strong bodies; we are building strong leaders.

Positive and Fun Environment

We strive for excellence by fostering a supportive culture for our students. We take pride in providing safe, secure, and engaging programs that encourages fun while also teaching responsibility and self-discipline.

Pursue Passion and Find Purpose

Discover the skills and talents that encourage an honorable ability to stir energy and excitment, along with courage to unlock doors of opportunity. 

Building a Solid Foundation for Success

Xtreme Gymnastics strives to assist children and families in our community develop as individuals as well as athletes. We use movement instruction as a way to teach self-confidence to the students in our programs. We emphasize the benefits of working hard to achieve a goal and the importance of citizenship and cooperation as well as helping our student learn how to overcome obstacles and have fun while staying active.