Michelle Geis joined our  Xtreme staff in 2013 as a homeschool instructional coach. Michelle has been a vital part of XGT’s growth and development leading with a servant’s heart in helping as needed in the evenings, camps, member services and with graphic design. Over the last year Michelle has expanded her role in graphic design for the company to leading a creative team  and has since been promoted to Graphic & Branding Manager. Michelle was born and raised in a small town in Missouri and then dual majored in Physics and Chemistry at University of Central Missouri.  After university she worked first for Bayer AgriSciences and then found her career home at MRIGlobal as a Staff Research and Method Development Chemist where she specialized in chemical signature, instrumentation and analytical method development.  She retired after 10 years of research and the arrival of baby number 4.  Since then she has started two businesses and homeschooled her three youngest children.  Homeschooling is what led Michelle to Xtreme.  Her family has been a part of Xtreme since 2008 and her favorite part is the people.  Outside of the gym, she loves reading, being at home with family, and weightlifting with Strength Guild in Olathe.