Aislinn joined Xtreme in 2008 as an athlete in our Homeschool competitive program. She went on to compete with our JO team and currently with our Xcel team. She is from Olathe, Kansas and is heading into her Senior year of Homeschooling. Aislinn has an authentic passion for gymnastics and watching athletes’ progress in their skills and work toward their goals. This love of the sport is what led her to join our coaching staff in 2017. She is kind, generous, extremely talented and organized beyond measure. Aislinn’s creativity and heart to serve is among the many gifts, skills and talents she has. Outside of the gym Aislinn is enthusiastic about calligraphy/hand lettering, reading, crocheting (pretty much all things involving crafts) and American Heritage Girls. She also enjoys doing community service, and often hosts service days for Sole Hope. “The core value I identify with most is Healthy Balanced Living because it is a big part of my everyday life. I am intentional about making healthy choices in how I eat, and mindfully consider the balance of my work with school, gymnastics, church events, and family time.” Says Aislinn.