Xtreme Athletes

We’re proud of the hard work our athletes do here at Xtreme Gymnastics. We have many athletes who are eligible for college recruitment as well as graduates who compete on the collegiate level. If you’re interested in visiting our gym, you can tour our facility for yourself! Call (816) 347-8008 today to speak with our coaches or sign up for a FREE trial class! Explore our class schedule to find a time that works best for you!

Eligible Collegiate Athletes

Kyra Burns 


Class of: 2020

GPA: 4.083

School: Blue Springs High School, Junior

School Address: 2000 NW Ashton Dr, Blue Springs, MO 64015

Class Rank: NA

USAG Level: Currently Training 5th Year as a Level 10

Verbally committed to University of Missouri on a full athletic scholarship beginning 2020-2021 school year

Highest Scores: Level 10

Vault: 9.775

Bars: 9.7

Beam: 9.55

Floor: 9.725

AA: 38.35


2015 NIT Qualifier - 2nd Vault, 10th Bars

2016 MO State Champion - 1st AA and All 4 Events 

2016 JO National Qualifier - 9th on Vault

2017 Region 4 Championships - 2nd AA, 3rd Bars, Beam, Floor

2017 JO National Qualifier - 5th Beam, 8th Vault

2018 Region 4 Championships - 1st AA, 1st Vault, Beam, 2nd Bars, Floor

2018 JO National Qualifier - 1st AA, 1st Bars, 6th Beam

2018 JO National Team Member


Started Gymnastics in 2005 (age 3) at the YMCA in Joplin, MO, started competing USAG at age 6. Kyra aspires to go into the medical profession (and maybe coach gymnastics too). Kyra currently coaches at Xtreme - Xcel Gold, Instructional and helps with floor choreography for the Xcel Program. In her spare time she loves to draw, make Pinterest crafts, spend time with friends and family and watch Netflix - especially Grey's Anatomy :)

Coach Email & Number: Alisha Robinson, alisha@xgtkids.com,


YouTube Channel: Kyra Burns



Carley Scott


Class of: 2021

GPA: 4.0 non weighted 4.1428

School Name:  Grain Valley High School

Address: 551 SW Eagles Parkway, Grain Valley MO 64029

Class Rank:26 out of 364

USAG Level:10

Highest Score: Level 10 (each event plus AA)

Vault: 9.2

Bars: 9.175

Beam: 9.425

Floor: 9.3

AA: 36.2

Skills Currently Training:

Vault: Competition Ready: Yurchenko Layout, working: Yurchenko Layout Half and Yurchenko Tuck Full into pit.


Bars: Competition Ready: Toe Hand Delchev, Clear-Hip Bail Handstand, Double Layout Dismount. Working: Toe Hand Full
Pirouette Double Lay Dismount into pit/mat in pit, Double Lay Full Out into pit, Delchev to Bail Connection.


Competition Ready: Handspring Layout Series, Side Ariel, Side Sumi, Switch Leap Switch Leap Back Tuck, Split Jump Tuck Full, Full Turn, Round Off Double Full Dismount. Working: Round Off Double Tuck Dismount onto mat in pit, Round Off 2 1/2 Dismount into pit.


Competition Ready: Back 2 1/2 Twist, Front Layout Front Full, Double Tuck, Double Pike. Switch Leap Tourjete Half, Switch Ring, Switch Side. Working: Back 2 1/2 Punch Front.


Hi, I'm Carley. I started gymnastics when I was two years old. When I am not in the gym or studying for school, I like to
ng out with my friends and family. I also like to do crafts and watch Netflix. Some of my gymnastics accomplishments are placing first in the all-around, first on beam and second on bars at Western Nationals as a Level 9. My first year at Level 10, I was second on bars and fourth on beam at Regionals and qualified for Nationals. Last year at Level 10, I was first on beam at State and
qualified for Regionals, but I tore my calf muscle (my first ever injury)
so my season was cut short. I have worked hard over the summer. I'm excited for this season to start!

Coach Email & Number: Alisha Robinson, alisha@xgtkids.com,


YouTube Channel: Carley Scott



Emily Joyce


Class of:2022


School Name: Notre Dame de Sion High School

School Address: 10631 Wornall Rd, Kansas City, MO 64114

Class Rank: Not yet available

USAG Level: 10

Highest Scores:  

Vault: 9.05

Bars: 8.15

Beam: 8.65

Floor: 9.175

All-Around: 33.8

Skills Currently Training:

Vault: Yurchenko Full, round-off 1/2 on to front tuck

Bars: Tcatchev, full pirouette, double layout dismount, bail to handstand


Beam: switch ring, double full dismount, side aerial, handspring layout

Floor: Double Arabian, double pike, roundoff 1 1/2 front layout, front full to front pike

Biography: I am currently a freshman at Notre Dame de Sion High School, and I am about to start my second season as a level 10. In 2017, I was the Level 9 Region 4 Vault and AA champion, and finished 15th in the AA at Westerns. In my spare time, I like to read and travel.

Coach Email & Number: Alisha Robinson, alisha@xgtkids.com,


YouTube Channel:  Emily Joyce


amanda pedersen

Amanda Pedersen

Class of: 2022 

GPA: 4.0

School: Warrensburg Mo.

School Address: 1411 S Ridgeview Dr. Warrensburg 64093

Class Rank: NA

USAG Level: Level 10

High Scores: Level 9

Vault: 9.2

Bars: 9.5

Beam: 9.35

Floor: 9.15

AA: 36.725


2018 Gymnastics accomplishments: Missouri State All-around champion and Qualifier for Westerns

Skills Currently Training:

Bars: straddle back halfs, full pirouettes- spot, toe hands, Double layouts- pit, Blind change piked jaeger

Beam: front aerial, side aerial, handspring layout split jump, round off double fulls, switch leap back tuck, split ring

Floor: double tucks, double pikes, double fulls, round off 1 ½ front layout, full ins-pit

Vault: yurchenko tuck full


Amber has a older brother and sister who are collegiate athletes at University of Central Missouri. Amber’s mother is an athletic trainer at Warrensburg high school, and her father is a head track/cross country coach at the University of Central Missouri. Both parents have been inducted into their college Hall of Fame for their athletic achievements.  Amber trains her 1 year old yellow lab, Champ daily. Amber’s great, great Grandpa was a gymnastics coach at the University of Michigan. Amber hopes to someday have gymnastic skills that will contribute to a collegiate team while earning an academic degree in an area of mathematics.

Coach Email & Number: Alisha Robinson, alisha@xgtkids.com,


YouTube Channel: Amber Pedersen


olivia burns

Olivia Burns 

Class of: 2023 - Blue Springs High School

GPA: 3.941

School: Paul Kinder Middle School, Currently in 8th Grade

School Address: 3930 NW R D Mize Rd, Blue Springs, MO 64015

Class Rank: NA

USAG Level: Currently Training 1st Year of Level 10

High Scores: Level 9

Vault: 9.675

Bars: 9.575

Beam: 9.45

Floor: 9.325

AA: 37.425


2018 Alamo Classic Finals Qualifier - Bars and Vault

2018 Missouri State Championships - 1st All Around, 1st Vault & Bars, 2nd Beam & Floor

2018 Region 4 Championships - 1st All Around, 1st Vault, 2nd Bars

2018 Western Nationals Qualifier - 7th All Around, 4th Bars

Skills Currently Training:

Vault: Yurchenko Layout, Yurchenko Tuck Full, Yurchenko Layout Full

Bars: Blind Full Pirouette, Blind Full to Double Tuck Dismount, Double Layout Dismount, Blind Front Giant Half Out, Geinger, Toe Hand


Beam: Handspring Layout Step Out Layout Step Out, Side Aerial, Straddle 3/4, Switch Leap Back Pike, Round-Off Double Full Dismount, Round-Off Double Tuck Dismount


Floor: Handspring Double Pike, Handspring Double Tuck, Handspring Double Full, Front Layout Front Layout, Front Full, Round-Off 1 1/2 Front Pike


Started gymnastics in 2007 (age 2) at the YMCA in Joplin, MO; started competing at Age 7

In spare time Olivia loves to sing, experiment with makeup, make YouTube videos, make people smile and laugh, watch YouTube videos - especially makeup tutorials, and watch Dance Moms. Olivia also loves inspirational quotes and decorates her room and Instagram story with them :)

Coach Email & Number: Alisha Robinson, alisha@xgtkids.com,


YouTube Channel: Olivia Burns


Clara Wallace

Class of: 2023

GPA: 4.0

School: Home school

Class Rank: NA (#1)

USAG Level: Level 10

High Scores: Level 10

Vault: 9.375

Bars: 9.4

Beam: 9.375

Floor: 9.175

AA: 37.125- 36.425

HOPES High Scores:

Vault: 13.00- D: 4.6 E-7.4

Bars: 12.15   D-4.4 E-7.75

Beam: 12.45 D-4.6 E-7.85

Floor: 11.85   D-4.4  E-6.75

Competed Hopes Championships July 2018

Skills Currently Training:

Vault: Yurchenko 3/2 and yurchenko 2/1


Bars: Pike jaeger; reverse, pak; maloney; ray; full out dismount


Beam: Back handspring layout layout; front aerial; side aerial; onodi; standing front tuck; handspring step out handspring two-foot 5/2



Floor: Double Arabian; Double layout; triple full; front double full; double pike; double tuck


Clara Wallace, who is now thirteen years old, has been doing gymnastics ever since she was five. She is currently a Level 10 gymnast, but she is working towards Junior Elite; she qualified for and competed in the 2018 Hopes Championships in Columbus, Ohio. She has also been to the Invite Olympic Development Camp six times. Although she has an eventual goal of making the USA National Team, her ultimate goal in gymnastics is to glorify God! Outside of gymnastics, Clara is interested in music. She and her sister Raleigh both take piano and voice lessons, and when they were younger, they studied violin and dance. Clara was blessed with a great sense of humor and a love for critical thinking and politics. She and her family have found a community in their Torah study class, where they study the Bible from a Messianic perspective. Clara plans to become an electrical engineer and is working on her drawing skills.

Coach Email & Number: Alisha Robinson, alisha@xgtkids.com,


Sophia Bell

Class of: 2024
GPA: 4.0
School: Osage Trail Middle School 
School Address: 2101 N. Twyman Rd, Independence, MO 64058
Class Rank: N/A
USAG Level: 10
High Scores: Level 9
Vault: 9.575
Bars: 9.425
Beam: 9.375
Floor: 9.4
AA: 37.525
Skills Currently Training
Vault: Layout, Full  
Bars: Reverse, Pak Salto, Endo, Full Pirouette, Dismount- Double Tuck
Beam: Round-off Layout, One Arm Handspring Two Foot Layout, Front Aerial, Dismount- Double Tuck
Floor: Double Layout, Full-In, Full-Out, Double Pike, Front Double Full 
Coach Email & Number:   Alisha Robinson, alisha@xgtkids.com, 
YouTube Channel: Sophia Bell