Mini Tot

This is the first class experience without a parent. In this class, children will begin to learn the basics of gymnastics. They will learn in a safe, fun, developmentally appropriate environment for children their same age. Not only will the class develop the children’s bodies, but also their minds and social skills. Lesson plans incorporate numbers, colors, shapes, and movement recognition along with the basics of gymnastics. Mini Tot gymnastics also teaches children to share, take turns, and become part of a group.

45 min


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Parent & Tot

This class is specially designed to be a wonderful bonding experience for you and your child. This class is geared towards children 18-36 months old. During the class, parents will be their child’s helper to learn and explore the Mega Tot area. The children will be working on balance, coordination, body control, and awareness, as well as gross motor skills. Activities will include running, jumping, balancing, rolling, throwing, catching, kicking, bouncing, climbing, crawling, and much more!

30 min


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