Xtreme offers 3 levels in our tumbling program to challenge athletes at every stage of their tumbling journey!  From beginners looking to perfect handstands and cartwheels to the most advanced athletes working back tucks, fulls, and more!  We also offer a special class just for dancers looking to improve their acro skills!



Our schedule is located on the home page of our website under the "Parent Area". Be sure to scroll down past the pictures on the home page to find the link to it! 


The beginner class is focused on building the basics of tumbling and trampoline.  On the floor they will work on rolls, handstands, walkovers, front handstand springs, cartwheels, round offs, and incorporate back handspring progressions!  On the trampoline, they will work on basic moves to prepare for flipping.



The intermediate class will continue perfecting skills learned in the beginner program. The class will focus on Cartwheels, Round offs, bounce back drills,  standing back hand springs, and roundoff back handsprings. Intermediate will also start using the 40’ tumble track for training. On the trampoline, they will continue their progression into flipping forward and backward.



The advanced class is designed for tumblers who have their roundoff back handspring.  They will work on adding multiple handsprings, back tucks, layouts, whips, fulls, standing back tucks, and more!


Dance Acro

The perfect class for dancers wanting to perfect their acro skills! Our dance acro class will work Handstands, Cartwheels, Front and Back Walkovers, Valdez, and Aerials!