Mega Tots – Where Gymnastics is FUN!



Mega Tot classes range beginning to advanced levels for our youngest athletes. We have fun and exciting lessons that change every month to challenge your child and keep them excited to learn something new! Xtreme has trained instructors to make sure your kids are having a blast learning gymnastics in a safe, fun, and developmentally appropriate environment.

Mega Tots


This class is where all new 3, 4 & 5 year olds will start. In this class, children will begin to learn the basics of gymnastics. Not only will the class develop the children’s bodies, but also their minds and social skills. Lesson plans incorporate numbers, colors, shapes, and movement recognition along with the basics of gymnastics. This class also teaches children to share, take turns, and become part of a group. This class will mostly take place in the Mega Tot area of the gym, with frequent adventures to the trampoline, slide, and foam pit! Each lesson will work on developing the foundation of gymnastics skills. Once the progressions have been mastered and skills are beginning to be formed, the child will be moved to Advanced Mega Tots class.


Advanced Mega Tots


Advanced Mega Tots builds on the foundation built in earlier classes and starts to stress skill acquisition and mastery.  Repetition of basic skills, drills, and strength activities will help your child start to master more complex skills and begin to put these skills into combinations.  Classes will focus on not only mastering skills, but mastering skills with proper technique.  Classes will have the opportunity to experience the “big gym” on the bars, beams, and vault stations used by our instructional gymnastics classes.  Students will begin to learn basic gymnastics routines and be able to participate in our in-house fun meets.