Competitive Trampoline

The ultimate in athletic training and development.  Winning is a consequence of our goals. Our trampoline team athletes are the best in our State and this year we claimed 9 National Medals while enjoying being the best in the US.


We prioritize living an Elite lifestyle over placement.

We achieve our ultimate goal by working with the end in mind.  Developing a strong, responsible, confident athlete that loves a challenge.


Xtreme offers athletes a flexible schedule.  We strive to for our athletes to have an amazing competitive experience that develops the whole athlete. An exciting sport that gives the athletes many options when they are done competing. Truly a great foundation for any sport!

Boys Educational Gymnastics

  • Body weight movement and exercise are the foundations to developing the complete athlete.

  • All sports are body weight sports; some just use the extra equipment.

  • No matter the price of those shoes or bat, they can not replace body weight strength.

  • Gymnastics is king in the body weight strength world.



Our educational Boys Gymnastics program will help your child master the beginning stages of learning to move and build strength.


We will have fun developing the foundation your child will use for the rest of their life.


Our goal has always been about instilling a joy of (good) movement that leads to physical literacy and physical fitness.


Gymnasts are not just strong; they know how to move well.