Trampoline Classes for Homeschool Students

Our trampoline classes are the perfect balance of learning athletic skills and good health habits. This instructional trampoline class is designed for homeschool students 6 years or older. Girls and boys will enjoy our trampoline program as they are taught basic skills and moves. Explore our class schedule for our class times, and register today for a FREE trial!

What will your student learn in our trampoline class? The answer is quite simple:

Developing Character Through Athletics

All of our gymnastics classes are geared towards helping young athletes develop control of their bodies, minds, and character. Our trampoline classes teach students more about the graceful and explosive power involved in trampoline while also helping them build confidence and skill. Our instructional trampoline program is a great gymnastics training opportunity for boys as well as girls and helps all athletes develop core muscles, strength, and flexibility.

Xtreme Gymnastics is focused on continuing athletic improvement and developing strong character through positive, fun experiences! Try one of our trampoline classes today by registering for a FREE class!